Good (almost) calorie-free pasta

This pasta alternative packs a miniscule nine calories per 3.5 ounces, thanks to it’s main ingredient of konjac — a plant native to Japan packed with fiber. The Skinny Pasta is endorsed by Weight Watchers and are precooked. They’re ready in two minutes in the microwave. Available in several shapes for about $3.75 per 9.5-ounce bag. Available online. Go to for details.

Good frozen waffles

The first ingredient on the Garden Lites waffles is a vegetable blend of butternut squash and carrots. Unusual to be sure, but the frozen waffles are light and fluffy and easy to prepare in a toaster oven or in the oven. Two waffles contain 200 calories sand 7 grams of fat, plus a couple of grams of protein. They’re also free of gluten, dairy and nuts. Available at major grocery stores including Meijer and Kroger. Cost is about $3.50 for a six-waffle package.

One good charitable event

The 4th Annual Variety Chili/Mac & Comfort Food Cook-Off on will be held at 6:30 p.m. Friday at The Townsend Hotel. Some of the region’s most celebrated chefs are gearing up for a competition showcasing their food to support the Variety programs serving children with special needs. The event includes local entertainment, raffle items and more. Tickets are $100 and $150 at the door or by calling (248) 258-5511.

Compiled by Steve Pardo

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