Detroit ranks No. 1 in Tinder swipes over Thanksgiving

Houston, the District of Columbia and Dallas also have a high increase in matches over the holiday weekend

Stephanie Steinberg
The Detroit News

Some people will do anything they can to avoid running into old high school classmates or former flames when they’re home for the holidays. But according to Tinder, Detroiters will risk virtual encounters over Thanksgiving, as they’re the most active on the dating app that matches potential lovers in the area.

Tinder evaluated the number of swipes and matches on the app over Thanksgiving weekend Nov. 25-29 last year and found Detroit ranked No. 1 among U.S. cities with the highest percent increase in matches. (A match occurs when both people swipe right.) The Motor City (54 percent) was followed by Houston at 43 percent, the District of Columbia at 41 percent and Dallas at 38 percent.

In terms of the most matches made during Thanksgiving weekend, Baltimore took the top spot, followed by New York, Salt Lake City and Chicago. Detroit was No. 9.

Overall, Tinder use increased over Thanksgiving weekend. The app reports that people matched 17 million more times in the U.S. during this timeframe — a 23 percent increase in matches compared to non-holiday weekends. On average, there’s 26 million matches a day.

Singles finding love in their hometowns during the holidays isn’t surprising, according to Dr. Jess Carbino, a sociologist for Tinder.

“People typically tend to be attracted to those with a similar demographic background — from age, occupation, education and more,” she says in a statement. “Individuals who grow up in the same areas are more likely to have shared experiences, making home a great place for singles with similar values to connect.”

There you have it Detroit singles looking to mingle — time to start swiping.

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Cities with the highest percent increase in matches over Thanksgiving weekend:

1. Detroit - 54 percent

2. Houston - 43 percent

3. Washington D.C. - 41percent

4. Dallas - 38 percent

5. Baltimore - 37 percent

6. Philadelphia - 34 percent

7. Los Angeles - 32 percent

8. Minneapolis - 32 percent

9. Charlotte - 32 percent

10. Portland - 30 percent

Cities with the most matches over Thanksgiving weekend:

1. Baltimore

2. New York

3. Provo, UT (Salt Lake City)

4. Chicago

5. Boston

6. Minneapolis

7. Kansas City

8. Portland

9. Detroit

10. Seattle