Back-to-school supplies might be geared toward a younger crowd, but grown-ups can get in the game, too. As students stock up on all the essentials, adults can gussy up a home office space with inspiration from the same type of list.

While the basics continue to be readily available, such as black binders and manila folders, today’s selection offers more variety, and the color spectrum is brighter than ever before.

A youthful spirit can inject any workspace with a vibrant personality that lends a pick-me-up when you’re stuck on something or simply having a bad day.

This is easy to achieve with everything from well-designed tape dispensers to color-coded Post-it notes. The latest supplies are functional with an added fun factor that’s bound to make you smile.

Maybe a new mouse pad is all you need to refresh your surroundings, or a cute container to corral all your writing instruments.

Desk organization isn’t strictly about a surface that looks good; it should make you feel good, too.

Staples stores carry some of the hottest back-to-school products that just happen to be adult-friendly, too.

Poppin products are especially popular. They come in every color of the rainbow for a jolt of your favorite shade or the ability to mix an array of hues for those who are feeling more adventurous. Their stackable in-boxes act as space savers while keeping everything orderly on your desk.

Rulers with easy-to-read numbers lend graphic appeal to any office space. These unique tools might even double as paperweights. Scissors feature a shapely silhouette that makes them equally display-worthy.

Composition books are great for jotting down notes or keeping a daily journal. Go for one in a standout color for a change of pace.

Displaying necessities like printer paper out in the open lets you grab what you need. This approach also shows when you’re running low on something before you run out completely.

Tray sets free up space, leaving more room for work materials. Coordinating picture frames provide a personal touch.

These types of desk accessories dress up your space, making it a destination that’s easy on the eyes.

Poppin file cabinets come in vibrant colors like yellow, orange and blue. These cheerful pieces make even the most tedious tasks, such as filing, more manageable.

Today’s kids decorate their lockers more than ever before even though they only get to see them briefly throughout the day. Make sure your own personal workspace has enough embellishments to suit your taste.

We could also take a cue from the fact that students are often asked to clean out their lockers and desks throughout the school year. This gives us the opportunity to follow suit at home so that our work spaces are more efficient.

Kids aren’t the only ones who need to stay hydrated. Since all this effort can make you thirsty, you might want to consider a Mason jar water bottle for your desk. Now it’s time to get back to work.

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