Plumber: Hand shower cradles simple way to add comfort

Ed Del Grande
Tribune News Service

Dear Ed: I would like to add a hand shower to my shower stall. I have seen many different makes and models and my question is simple because it’s about simplicity. From what you have seen, is there an uncomplicated way to just add a personal hand shower unit to a shower stall without making it a big deal? I’m looking to avoid a complicated project.

Anita, Rhode Island

Dear Anita: A hand shower or personal shower can be a nice addition to any shower stall. Having a hand shower on a flexible hose can make bathing easier, especially for users with special needs.

Like anything else, you can get very fancy with custom brackets that need to be drilled into the shower walls or diverter valves for flow control to multiple shower heads. Or, you can just take a simple approach and install a shower cradle on the end of your shower arm pipe.

As long as your shower arm is in good shape, you can usually replace your existing shower head with the hand shower cradle kit. Make sure you follow your kit and/or component piece instructions. Cradle kits can include a flexible hose and a hand shower that connects to the cradle.

The easy part of the job is that the hand shower slides into the cradle itself and can be used as your shower head or the hand shower. No drilling, diverters or extra piping should be needed — a shower kit that can wash away any installation fears.

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