Plumber: Kitchen faucet decisions

Ed Del Grande
Tribune News Service

Dear Ed: I recently went to purchase a kitchen faucet and to my surprise I did not know what to do. Turns out that with spray head kitchen faucets there are now two types. One was a pull-out style, the other a pull-down style. Can please tell me the differences?

— Betty, Missouri

Dear Betty: I’m often asked about pull-out vs. pull-down kitchen faucets. Even though the two faucet types are usually one-handle designs and operate in a similar fashion, there are differences where you may choose one over the other.

First, pull-out faucets look more like traditional one-handle kitchen faucets. Pull-down faucets have very high arching spouts with the handle assembly on the side of the faucet body instead of the top. If you like a larger grip area, the pull-out style spray head is usually larger than the pull-down faucet spray head.

But the big difference is just like the names say: Pull-out faucet heads pull straight out, giving you the inside edge for filling things like pet water dishes. Pull-down faucet heads, however, can give you the upper hand when washing down the kitchen sink.

Bottom line: Go with the flow and pull the kitchen faucet off the store shelf that best fits your lifestyle.