Dear Ed: Since I consider you my plumbing guru, I thought I would ask you about those taller toilets. I am looking to replace my older toilet that sits low to the floor and my back will appreciate the extra height. Can they be installed in place of a standard toilet or do you need special adapters? Also, about how high are they?

Bill, Idaho

Dear Bill: Higher toilets are sometimes called comfort height toilets for good reason. Basically, they sit about 2 inches higher than a standard toilet. Even though that sounds like a small change, the 2 extra inches put the toilet up to about chair height and that feeling of sitting on a chair instead of a lower toilet is what makes all the difference. Comfort height toilets are now commonly used for “aging-in-place” bathroom remodeling jobs along with replacing the bathtub for a walk-in shower. The good news is that in most cases there is no big difference with the installation of a comfort height toilet in place of a standard toilet. They do come in elongated bowls and round-front bowls, so if you’re looking to install a taller toilet you should be covered from top to bottom.

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