‘Classic English Rose Garden’ is this week’s winner

Maureen Feighan
The Detroit News

Jason Richards may live in Grosse Pointe, but part of his yard is a classic English rose garden.

Along the front and south-facing area of his house, there are approximately 25 varieties of roses — Darcey Bussel, Lady of Shallott, Pat Austin, among others.

“There are range of hybrid tea, floribunda, groundcover and climbing roses as well,” says Richards. “Colors range from bright yellows and whites, to soft pinks, purples and apricots.”

And the garden is usually in bloom from late spring to late fall. Richards’ photo, “Classic English Rose Garden,” is this week’s winner of the Homestyle Garden Photo Contest.

He’ll win a free home or garden book. He’ll also be a finalist for the grand prize at the end of the summer. To enter your photos, go to www.detroitnews.com/gardenphotos; add then to the “Gardens” collection. Or mail them to 160 W. Fort Street, Detroit MI 48226.


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