Hobbies: Start the school year right with teacher gift

Sandi Genovese
Tribune News Service

If May is Teacher Appreciation Month, then September should be Teacher Pre-Appreciation month. Truth is, what happens in September can set the tone for the whole school year, so why not get off to a good start with a small introductory gift for your kid’s teacher?

Tote bags are great as reusable grocery bags or as handy carry bags to tote paperwork back and forth to school. A smaller canvas bag provides the perfect place for a teacher to store a phone or camera but initially can be used to give a gift of pencils or a gift card to a local gas station or coffee shop.

The beauty of these canvas bags is the ease with which they can be decorated for a completely customized, handmade gift any teacher is sure to love.

One option is to stamp a design with paint onto the canvas. It’s easy to add shading with multiple paint colors directly onto the foam stamp, then press against the fabric for a beautifully detailed stamped image. Another choice is to sponge paint a design with paint onto the canvas bag.

If stamping isn’t your thing, it is also easy to iron on a fabric design using an iron-on adhesive available at fabric and craft stores. Simply iron the adhesive sheet onto the fabric of your choice, die cut or scissor cut the shape, remove the paper backing and iron the shape onto the canvas bag.

The embellishment can be something bold and graphic like a heart or star or very personal like a monogram of the teacher’s initials. The shape isn’t as important as the gesture and show of support it represents. Whether you give pencils for the students or a gift card for the teacher, the appreciation it represents is likely to get the school year off to a great start.

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