Solutions: Houzz tracks nation’s home renovation trends

Jeanine Matlow

While we decide how to rid our rooms of their least desirable features, Houzz, the largest residential remodeling and design community online (, keeps a steady pulse on the rest of the population. Here are some of the results from their recent surveys that cover bed, bath and beyond.

Bedroom Trends

■Master bedrooms are finally getting the attention they deserve and love is definitely in the air. One-third of homeowners who are renovating or decorating their master bedrooms want to create a more romantic or intimate environment.

■Size matters. One in five renovating homeowners is expanding their master bedroom and more than half of those tackling their closets are increasing its footprint. Twenty-five percent are spending $10,000 or more on their renovations.

■Many are craving a new look. More than half are changing the style of their updated master bedroom, with most going for a contemporary, modern or transitional aesthetic.

■Calming colors are in demand with homeowners gravitating toward shades of white, cream, gray and blue in their updated master bedrooms.

■The top motivator for master bedroom projects is the fact that homeowners simply could no longer stand the old one. Finally having the means to do the upgrade and a recent home purchase came in second and third.

■A desirable master bedroom is perceived as a space that is stylish and beautiful, feels like a sanctuary and reflects the homeowner.

■From a functional perspective, homeowners want a master bedroom that promotes quality sleep, while being comfortable and easy to clean. Nearly three-quarters of renovating homeowners and half of homeowners updating their decor are hiring professional help for their master bedroom upgrades.

Bathroom Trends

■Of the homeowners renovating their bathrooms, more than two-thirds plan to increase the size of their showers. Still, most will retain the original footprint.

■Personalization also topped the remodeling list with amenities like chandeliers and TVs making their way into the new and improved bathrooms. Baby Boomers are more likely to install safety features, such as grab bars and curbless showers, than their younger counterparts.

■Comfort in the bathroom is key with features like radiant heat, towel warmers and steam showers.

■Other priorities include an additional sink, recycled materials and new lighting.

U.S. highlights

■Millennial homeowners were just as likely to renovate their homes as other age groups and more than half did so in order to make a newly purchased home their own.

■Kitchens remain the most popular interior remodeling project, with bathrooms other than the master coming in second.

■Aging-in-place plays an important role. More than half of 60+ households plan to stay in their homes indefinitely, with more than one in ten renovating their residence for this reason.

Jeanine Matlow is a Metro Detroit interior decorator turned freelance writer specializing in stories about interior design. You can reach her at