The Plumber: Wanting a big change from a small upgrade

Ed Del Grande
Tribune News Service

Dear Ed: I would like to change my present kitchen countertop and sink. But for now all I can afford to do is replace my old faucet with a nice new kitchen faucet. Since this will be a small upgrade, I would like to get my best bang for the buck. What features do you recommend for my new faucet that will help me with cosmetics and function?

Terry, Texas

Dear Terry: Installing a new kitchen faucet is a nice little way to give your kitchen a new look and feel, without going into a big remodeling job.

First, choose a faucet finish that can make your new kitchen faucet stand out.

Speaking of cosmetics, you want to cover up any scratches from your old faucet. So, make sure your new kitchen faucet comes with a good size deck plate to cover up any sink marks.

Also, getting a pull-out spray-style faucet can be easier to operate, and it can open up an extra sink hole where the old spray head used to be.

Finally, with the extra hole, you can install a perfectly matched soap dispenser to really clean up your kitchen sink by removing those half-empty bottles of dishwashing liquid.

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