Hobbies: Hanging hearts make a lasting impression

Sandi Genovese
Tribune News Service

If you have traveled to San Francisco, perhaps you left your heart there? Or maybe you simply wear your heart on your sleeve? Or better yet, maybe you send cards with messages that are heartfelt? A heart is versatile enough to work in all of these scenarios/situations, but I prefer my hearts to hang.

Hanging hearts make great valentines because they can easily flatten in order to slide into an envelope and pop in the mail. Begin by cutting out two matching hearts, but add a loop to the top of one of them to make it easy to hang later. Decorate the front and back of each heart with personalized paper made with a white pen on black paper. Create a continuous pattern by writing your loved one’s name or a loving message and repeat it until the paper is filled with your hearty message.

Once each heart is embellished on both sides, cut a slit in each one. Cut halfway up from the bottom in the middle of the looped heart and cut half way down from the top in the center of the remaining heart. Slide the two hearts together, interlocking the slits in each heart in order to make them three dimensional for hanging. Thread a length of ribbon through a hole punched through the heart loop to enable the heart to hang. A card that has the ability to hang becomes a decoration that will remind your valentine of your love every time they walk past.

If you want to make a good impression on your valentine, forget the e-cards and hashtags…in fact, ignore the computer altogether. In matters of the heart, nothing else has the lasting impact of a heartfelt message, written in your own hand, on a pair of hearts left hanging around the house.

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