Plumber: 50 shades of white

Ed Del Grande
Tribune News Service

Dear Ed: We’re remodeling our kitchen with a very light color theme. We were planning to go with a pure white kitchen sink, but I want to break it up a smidgen and go off-white for the color. I want to go to the gray side of the scale, not toward the almond side. What off-white color choices can I look into and compare for my final decision?

Sally, Nevada

Dear Sally: I’ve always said making an exact color match when repairing a white wall usually fails. That’s why so many people end up painting the entire wall.

In your case, though, this is good news because it gives you a lot of color choices. Here are five versions of off-white plumbing fixture colors that I have worked with and all go toward the gray side as they get slightly shaded. Remember, this is just my version. There are many different off-white color names and shades out there to choose from.

Dune: close alternative to pure white.

Sea Salt: off-white textured color with hints of very light speckles

Cane: close to sea salt with smaller finer speckles and more of them.

Sand Bar: very soothing, sun-bleached stone look with first hints of gray.

Ice Gray: very light gray and end of off-white look.

Ed’s final tip: Choose quickly to protect your sanity, the light shades are so close you could end up in a very dark place!

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