Hobbies: Chalk pops a fun springtime project

FamilyFun magazine

With our easy recipe, you can make sidewalk chalk in fun shapes using ice pop or silicone baking molds. First, choose molds you no longer use for food. Spray the insides with plain cooking spray. In a disposable plastic container, mix plaster of paris (we used 1 cup to fill two 3-ounce wells in our mold) with water according to the package directions.

Stir in poster or tempera paint, a drip at a time, until the mixture reaches the desired color. Pour the plaster into the mold, then tap the sides to release any large air bubbles. To make more colors, wipe any remaining plaster from your mixing container with a paper towel and start a new batch. Allow plaster to harden overnight before removing chalk from molds.

Tip: Never rinse plaster into the sink. Instead, wait for it to dry, then throw the dried plaster away.