Dear Ed: We’re building a new home and I want a natural gas or propane tankless water heater. I also want a recirculating hot water system in my home for quicker hot water. Do they make gas-fired tankless water heaters that can recirculate hot water?

Fred, Idaho

Dear Fred: Like the name says, tankless water heaters have no water storage tanks. Water is heated right away as it passes through the unit.

This has a couple advantages. First, there is no stored tank water to keep heating up all day. Second, tankless units can supply a constant stream of hot water, since there is no tank to empty.

This makes for a very convenient way to heat and use domestic water. Smart technology allows for new gas-fired ultra-style tankless units with built-in pumps to add the option of recirculating your home’s hot water. Recirculation gets hot water quickly to your plumbing fixtures with less cold water waste going down the drain.

Bottom line: Heating water efficiently while saving water at the same time sounds like a tankless job to me.

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