Hobbies: This curled-up kitty is an easy craft project

FamilyFun magazine

We coiled strips of newspaper to make a cat, but you can use the technique to form other animals and letters. Go wild!

1. Cut a sheet of newspaper lengthwise into 5-inch-wide sections. We used 51/2 strips to make our cat.

2. Fold each strip in half lengthwise three times to end up with a strip that’s roughly 1/2-inch wide. Press the folds flat.

3. Start coiling by rolling one end of the strip tightly around itself. Add strips to the coil by adhering the overlapping ends with a glue stick. Finish the shape by gluing down the end.

4. For the eyes and head, start with a larger center circle before coiling.

5. Make other shapes, such as ears and a tail, as shown.

6. Arrange the shapes on waxed paper and add tacky glue where the pieces touch. Let the glue dry completely.

7. Use tacky glue to add folded-paper features, such as feet, a nose and a mouth.