Glass containers can enhance just about anything in our homes. From uncooked pasta in the kitchen to cotton balls in the bathroom, these unique displays lend a bit of charm wherever they land.

This simple concept lets your sentimental collections shine. Whether you have a penchant for matchbooks, wine corks or any other souvenirs, a glass vessel takes your tiny finds to a whole new level.

The vast array of glass forms can vary, too, with open styles such as vases and bowls, and lidded varieties like Mason jars and other see-through storage containers.

It’s a given that like items placed within suddenly seem more significant. These can include classic children’s toys like marbles and Legos. Clear containers made from plastic can be a safer alternative for little ones.

In addition to the colorful visual, it’s easy to see what you have when everything is grouped together.

Other objects to consider include everything from vintage buttons in a bedroom to neutral foods like cereal that lend texture to your kitchen.

Loose change doesn’t have to hide in a piggy bank. Toss your coins in a clear container that lets you see the patina of old pennies.

Nature-inspired vignettes work especially well in glass cloches. Try an arrangement of seashells, pine cones or textured stones for a pretty visual that makes a statement on a coffee table.

A hurricane lamp can hold more than the standard candle. Fill one with faux fruit or seasonal objects like ornaments or Easter eggs.

When it comes to edibles, the possibilities are endless. Everything from dog biscuits to baking ingredients looks better in a clear container. Healthy treats that are out in the open can help your family stay on track, like some trail mix with a scoop for afternoon snacks.

In a workspace, well-placed office supplies help to get the job done. Besides, colorful paper clips and thumbtacks in glass jars make a pretty presentation on a desk. Even something as basic as rubber bands takes on an entirely new persona in a clear container.

Multiples are better than one, whether they’re identical or share the same shape with different heights.

Bathrooms can benefit from the same scenario. Toiletries, such as decorative soaps and bath salts, look more attractive when shown together as a whole, along with Q-tips and cotton balls.

Add a pop of color to a subtle backdrop with a giant jar of gumballs for a modern take on the classic machine. Whatever you choose, glass containers let your objects come to life and they can fit any style or budget.

Mark special occasions or vacations with a prominent display of memories. One home I visited years ago featured tall glass jars filled with souvenirs like theater tickets that would typically sit in a junk drawer. Instead, they became instant conversation pieces.

Lastly, clear containers make great hostess gifts. Invest in a set of Mason jars to fill with gift cards or other goodies. Your generosity will be clear right away.

Jeanine Matlow is a Metro Detroit interior decorator turned freelance writer specializing in stories about interior design. You can reach her at

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