Hobbies: No sewing required for these decorations

Dena Fishbein
Tribune News Service
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My husband loves to play tennis (and so do our dogs!), so we always have tennis balls around the house. I saw some pretty decorative fabric balls in a magazine and thought it would be a perfect DIY project using these extra tennis balls. It’s also a great way to use up your fabric scraps, and because there is no sewing required, it’s really easy. You can even change them up as the seasons change.


■Tennis balls or Styrofoam balls

■Scrap fabric


■Sewing pins or glue



1. Cut fabric into strips. I tore mine for a nice raw edged look. I found that each ball could be covered by 2 strips of fabric that were about 1 inch by 45 inches, but you can adjust as necessary.

2. Start wrapping the fabric about the ball, being sure to cover up the starting end so it stays put. Take the second strip and start layering it over the end of the first strip until your ball is wrapped.

3. Secure the end with a pin or hot glue. I used sewing pins so I can easily change them up if I want to!

4. Place the fabric balls in a decorative bowl.

Dena Fishbein is the designer and artist behind many home, gift and paper products found at your favorite stores. To ask her how to embellish anything, visit her blog at denadesigns.com.

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