Hobbies: A heartfelt, handmade card for Father’s Day

Sandi Genovese
Tribune News Service

When I was little, my dad and I played a game where he would ask me how much I loved him, and I would respond by stretching my arms apart as wide as they would go and hollering “This much!” I’ll bet you did something similar with your dad.

I decided to make a card that would illustrate our little game with a cover that reads “Love You” and accordion-pleated pages inside that spell out “This Much!” I would be surprised to find a dad that would not be delighted to get this handmade card for Father’s Day, and it is surprisingly easy to make.

Begin with a quick trace around your hand and cut out two of them from construction paper. Cut out a pair of paper cuffs for each hand and add pin stripes with a white pen and a button cut with a circle punch. Cut a long strip of paper and accordion fold it into 10 equal sections. Label each pleat with letters to spell out your message leaving the middle two sections to be embellished with a heart.

Fasten the accordion-folded strip to the inside of each hand, aligning the hands to each other and positioning the pleated strip to sit flush with the cuffs and the table top. This allows the card to stand up and shows off your hand-y work to Dad and the whole family.

And speaking of family, it’s always fun to get your kids in on the action, helping them to lend their hands to make the same card for their dad. In an age of Snapchats, emails and texts, a handmade card with a heartfelt message is sure to stand out, and I don’t mean just a little bit, but This Much!

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