Solutions: Blogger spreads the joy of gardening

Jeanine Matlow
Special to The Detroit News

Gardens have the ability to soothe our souls. With a whimsical twist, they can brighten our days even further. Cindy La Ferle shows both approaches through her lovely new blog, Something Beautiful Every Day, which has already received many accolades.

“I think people find it uplifting and soothing at a time when we’re all so stressed out,” says the Royal Oak-based freelance writer. “It’s something totally out of that realm.”

Early each morning she posts a photo with a quote. “I try to keep it seasonal. This time of year, it’s mostly garden stuff,” says La Ferle. “I try to find something simple that’s beautiful in ordinary life, like a pansy sprouting out of the patio.”

Her whimsical garden ornaments often appear on her blog, like the cleverly placed rabbit-head statue that looks like it’s peeking out of the knothole in a tree.

Among her other smile-worthy pieces is an Apollo planter that sprouts a different hairdo each year. “I think your home and garden should be fun and delightful and enjoyable,” she says.

“Michigan winters are so long and hard. I love to garden and I love being out in the garden. It’s a place of sanctuary and fun,” says La Ferle. “I’m just so happy to be out there, I want it to look like that. Winters are serious, gardening is not so serious.”

People know she appreciates these playful pieces. A neighbor who was downsizing gave her some garden ornaments including a troll that portrays the Grinch at Christmas and sits beneath tomato plants come summertime.

She avoids going overboard with her quirky garden decor. “You don’t want it to look like a junkyard,” says La Ferle who prefers each piece to slowly reveal itself like a female bust tucked into hosta that looks like a skirt. “You don’t notice it at first. You come upon it and it’s a nice little surprise.”

Garden figures make great gifts, says La Ferle who was given a little stone cricket that’s said to be a symbol of good luck. “I tuck him underneath a pot,” she says.

A granite Buddha was a birthday present from her husband, Doug, who works alongside her in the garden. “He’s the heavy labor guy who says ‘I’m here to fulfill your vision,’” she says with a laugh.

The statue sits in their tranquil Zen garden among collected rocks that they turned into a riverbed.

Because La Ferle spreads everything out around her yard, each sculpture makes a unique statement. “I love a garden where you turn a corner and see a little troll tucked into a tomato plant. It makes you stop and look when we have so little time to do that because we’re always in a hurry,” she says.

“Whatever we can do to bring a little beauty, comfort and sanctuary into our lives is just a beautiful thing.”

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