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Hobbies: Make your own coasters for Dad

Denise Smaldino
The Orange County Register

Try your handiwork by making these easy coasters, which resemble pallets, for Father’s Day.


(for a set of 4)

Two 1/2-by-1/2-by-36-inch wooden square dowels (Michaels, $2.99 each)

Three 1/2-by-1/4-by-36-inch wooden rectangle dowels (Michaels, $2.19 each)

Wood glue

Wood saw (I borrowed a hacksaw)


Sandpaper (optional)

Stain (optional)


1. Cut the dowels into 4-inch pieces (you will only get 8 pieces out of each 36-inch dowel since the saw shears away some wood each time you cut it). Each coaster needs three square dowel pieces for the base and five rectangular dowel pieces for the top (all in 4-inch lengths). If your ends are a little rough, you can use some sandpaper to smooth them down.

2. Place the pieces into position to ensure they are spaced evenly. Then glue the top pieces to the base. First glue the two outside pieces to form the 4-by-4-inch square. Then glue the three middle pieces to finish the pallet. (Tip: Use only a small dab of glue to prevent overage because it will leave a noticeable stain after it dries.)

3. Once the pallet is stable, place a weight on top of it and let dry overnight.

4. (optional). You can stain the coasters a different color but only after gluing since wood glue is meant for use on raw wood (photo shows coasters not stained).