Plumber: Build-your-own faucet lets creativity flow

Ed Del Grande
Tribune News Service

Hi Ed: I plan to surprise my wife by installing a new bathroom faucet, and I really want her to be impressed. Can you recommend a faucet type that is not your average faucet? I want to make it her own special faucet!

Bill, Texas

Dear Bill: Sometimes these questions answer themselves when I read them.

There are widespread faucet lines available that are basically mix and match. A widespread faucet has an 8-inch or so spread between the faucet handles. So, you may have to upgrade the sink as well to a widespread bathroom sink.

Standard widespread faucets are usually sold as a complete package with the spout and valve assemblies included.

But, with this new create-your-own line of widespread faucets, you purchase the type of faucet spout you like separately. Then choose and purchase the valve body style you want to add with the spout. This gives you the option of getting a faucet you can basically call your own.

Many of the faucet spouts are water-savers and handles are pre-assembled, so you can also be short on install time and long on savings.

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