Solutions: Color, metallics hot for summer design

Jeanine Matlow
Special to The Detroit News

It’s never too late to refresh your interiors. Often all it takes is a little inspiration. Faith Phillips, interior design expert with La-Z-Boy based at their Monroe headquarters, shares five summer trends that stretch beyond the season.

First up, metallics are hot right now and they can be introduced in ways that change throughout the year. “Often people think of little touches like lamps and bowls, but it’s interesting in pillows and rugs with metallic threads,” says Phillips.

“You can even add metallic to a wall color. It has that aspect of bringing the outside in with natural earth elements that add depth and dimension.”

Color is being featured in a big way, like through a variety of blues. “You can bring it in for spring and summer in lighter tones and marry dark tones of the same color to carry right through fall into winter,” she says. “Shades like navy and royal can be layered through.”

“A lot of times people are more comfortable with neutrals. You can keep your comfort level and add it without redesigning the whole room with a fun accent chair for a pop of color, or a rug, or a big vase of flowers like pink peonies that keep it fun and fresh,” says Phillips.

“A great chair in one major color like blue can be accessorized with greens and yellows and play off of that along with neutral furniture.”

Next up: texture. “Bring in different elements to layer in the room for more depth,” says Phillips. “Add pillows with braiding or brocade fabrics that bring dimension to your sofa. Try a shag rug, or bring in succulents for another type of texture. With different layers, it all fits together for something different in feel and touch.”

“Or, try a leather fringe pillow that’s soft and fun. It’s all about adding a bit of whimsy to a room.”

Pattern is another hot trend. “Color and pattern go hand in hand. It doesn’t have to be your sofa. You can add a chair or ottoman in a fun pattern that becomes a conversational piece. That’s generally what ends up tying your whole room together and makes all the colors play well and the whole room just makes sense,” says Phillips.

Choose a pattern that speaks to you. It doesn’t have to be a big bold floral. Sometimes the colors themselves are more playful with a tone-on-tone pattern.

Last but not least, there’s light. “When most people think about a room, they’re not thinking about lighting. Without it, you might have a beautiful room, but there’s not really a ‘wow,’” she says.

Even spaces with natural light need some help at night to make them come to life. “Lighting can make all the difference in a room,” says Phillips.

Table and floor lamps have become more decorative. “Now they’re really a piece of art and there are so many different varieties,” she adds.

Not only are more people open to mixing lamps, but other elements too. “It’s all about everything being able to play together,” says Phillips.

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