Design Recipes: Chartreuse perfect summer color

Cathy Hobbs
Tribune News Service

The color chartreuse has long been a darling color of designers. Now the color is more popular than ever. Considered to be crisp and clean, elegant and fresh, chartreuse is a wonderful color to infuse into your summer decor and beyond.

What is chartreuse? Chartreuse is a mix of green and yellow. The result is vibrant and bright. Most people consider chartreuse to be more of a green than a yellow.

Howto use chartreuse: Chartreuse is an awesome accent color that blends well with both light and dark colors. White is a great color to pair with chartreuse as it helps the chartreuse pop. The same can be true when chartreuse is paired with other neutral colors such as black or charcoal gray.

Design tips to avoid: Because of its bright, vibrant nature, chartreuse can be overpowering . Use the color moderately and purposefully to help ensure success. That does not mean that you can not go bright and bold, however. Want that chartreuse accent wall? Go for it!

Pairing colors to avoid: In general deep greens will work well with chartreuse, while lighter greens may not (the chartreuse may appear lost). Also, when it comes to yellow, deeper tones will pair best with chartreuse as opposed to lighter tones.

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