Style: Watermelon, lemon hot summer colors

Mary Carol Garrity

I love to change up the look of my interior spaces with each new season, tweaking my bedding, furnishings and displays just a bit to give them a fresh new feel. If you want to join me by embracing the glory of summer in your home, look to your favorite things about summer for inspiration. You don’t have to go farther than your fruit bowl for a decorating muse that will give your home extra zip this season:

Watermelon: Indulgent & fun

There is nothing like biting into a slice of that first ripe watermelon of the season, drip-down-your-hand juicy, exploding with sunny flavor. It’s easy to pull the warm, wonderful color of watermelon into your home this season, whether it’s through some accent pillows on your patio furniture, perky summer linens for your table or fun seasonal dishes. We captured our full-hearted love for the queen of melons by zipping up a bedding ensemble with slices of watermelon magic.

Because navy and white is one of my all-time fave go-with-everything color combos, we started with this popular striped duvet as our base. When creating a bedding ensemble, we really like to use duvets that can transition easily from one season to another, whether that means the fabric is really versatile or the duvet is two-sided, with a lightweight fabric on one side and a winter weight fabric on the other side.

We’re crazy about pillows and firmly believe in their power to take a bed from ho-hum to amazing, so we layered up four rows, with watermelon euro shams in back, a fun medallion pattern in the center and in front, a solid navy finished in a watermelon trim. Neck rolls are a great accent pillow to put in front of your big pillow stack, the focal point of the bed. This cutie pulls in our navy, white and watermelon, with a playful polka dot finish.

Lemon: Zesty & exciting

I am a huge fan of using neutral furnishings in your living room so you can transform the look of your space at the drop of a hat. Here, we took a perfect-for-all-seasons linen sofa and gave it a sun-soaked summer remake by using a squeeze of lemon.

Navy and yellow is a classic combo, and I’m over the moon about it. Depending upon the fabrics and accents you pick, you can take your blue and yellow palette from timeless to trendy. We paired this lovely classic Chesterfield sofa with some contemporary fabrics used as pillows.

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