‘Rhythm of Blooms’ is this week’s winner

Maureen Feighan
The Detroit News

Jeannette Olson of West Bloomfield likens her garden’s blooming perennials to dancing waters.

“The rhythm of blooms as they open up and fade away to make room for other species keep my garden illuminated with color throughout the summer,” says Olson.

Olson started gardening in 1996 after a trip to Paris.

“I fell in love with Monet’s garden in Giverny,” she writes in an email. “I had never gardened before so my son carved out a tiny area of grass for me where I could plant a few flowers.”

She’s come a long way since then. Olson’s photo, “Rhythm of Blooms,” is this week’s winner of the Homestyle Garden Photo Contest.

She’ll win a free home or garden book. She’ll also be a finalist for the grand prize at the end of the summer, a $100 gift card to English Gardens along with a basket of gardening goodies.

To enter your garden photo, go to detroitnews.com/gardenphotos. Or mail them to Detroit News Homestyle Garden photo Contest, 160 W. Fort Street in Detroit, 48226.