Hobbies: Turn seashells into nautical succulent planter

Dena Fishbein
Tribune News Service

Succulents are the perfect plant because they don’t require too much attention and they can be planted virtually anywhere as long as it’s sunny! Plus, they come in so many varieties, each one chic and unique. This DIY brings a little bit of the beach into your garden by turning seashells into succulent planters.


■Seashells — If you don’t have a beach nearby, you can buy them from your local craft store or online. Some beaches do not allow you to remove any items, so always check the signs first.

■Succulents — the size of the succulent depends on the size of your shell. I used several 1-inch succulents.

■Cactus and succulent soil

■Garden shovel



1. Place some soil into the shell so it is about 3/4 of the way full.

2. Remove the succulents from their plastic pots and gently shake off any excess dirt from the roots.

3. With your fingers, make holes in the soil where you will place your succulents.

4. Place the succulents into the holes. As you make more holes, decide where you want the succulents to go so you have a nice, pretty arrangement.

5. Gently place a little more soil at the base of the succulents so they are planted well.

6. Water your new garden and place in a sunny window or outside!

This is another perfect project to do with friends.

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