Plumber: High hopes for low-height toilet

Ed Del Grande
Tribune News Service

Dear Ed: I am a loyal reader and remember an article from the past about toilet tank height. I have a very old low-profile toilet and above the tank is a built-in cabinet with drawers and storage. I cannot remove the cabinet without going into a remodel of my bathroom. Do they still make toilets with very low tanks? Please help, the old toilet is leaking on the floor!

— Dan, California

Dear Dan: Like the name says, a low-profile toilet has a very low tank. Low-profile toilets were popular decades ago when toilets were allowed to flush with a lot more water.

Because of the low tank height, you can lose the extra flushing power generated with higher gravity flush toilet tanks. So, when toilet water use was drastically cut, the future looked very bleak for low-profile toilets.

However, I have good news for you. New flushing technology is available for low-profile toilets. With new pressure assist flushing systems, it’s now possible to get a powerful flush with a lower toilet tank. Air pressure provides the extra power that gravity alone may not be able to generate.

You may have to special order, so measure first before you order a low-profile toilet or you may end up on the short end with a toilet that doesn’t fit.

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