Hobbies: Let dreams take flight with bat mobiles

FamilyFun magazine staff

Kick off fall by decorating for Halloween! This way, you and the kids will have plenty of time to enjoy the creepy-cool ambience.

Bat Mobiles

Suspend these over the dining table, in your kids’ rooms — anywhere in need of a little flutter overhead.

You’ll Need

Three 14-inch wood embroidery hoops

Black acrylic paint

Heavy-duty black thread

Black cardstock

Double-sided tacky tape (we used Aleene’s)

Removable adhesive hooks (optional)

To Make:

1. Set aside the outer rings of the hoops. Paint the inner rings black; let dry.

2. Interlock the rings into a globe; secure with thread.

3. Following our template at, cut out six pairs of 3 1/2-inch single bat wings and 14 pairs of 3-inch single wings from cardstock.

4. To make one complete bat: Add tape to the straight edges of a pair of wings. Stick one to the outside of a hoop and the other to the inside. Place 3 to 4 bats on each spoke.

5. Hang from a light fixture or suspend from the ceiling.