Kick off fall by decorating for Halloween! This way, you and the kids will have plenty of time to enjoy the creepy-cool ambience.

Bat Mobiles

Suspend these over the dining table, in your kids’ rooms — anywhere in need of a little flutter overhead.

You’ll Need

Three 14-inch wood embroidery hoops

Black acrylic paint

Heavy-duty black thread

Black cardstock

Double-sided tacky tape (we used Aleene’s)

Removable adhesive hooks (optional)

To Make:

1. Set aside the outer rings of the hoops. Paint the inner rings black; let dry.

2. Interlock the rings into a globe; secure with thread.

3. Following our template at, cut out six pairs of 3 1/2-inch single bat wings and 14 pairs of 3-inch single wings from cardstock.

4. To make one complete bat: Add tape to the straight edges of a pair of wings. Stick one to the outside of a hoop and the other to the inside. Place 3 to 4 bats on each spoke.

5. Hang from a light fixture or suspend from the ceiling.

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