Gardening magazines are great gifts for anyone who loves or loved digging in the dirt. Magazines can transport a gardener to another world on a cold snowy day. But sadly they’re becoming hard to find. Gardening magazines no longer have their place at the checkout in the grocery store, they now reside at the back of the lower shelf of the magazine rack. Last week I checked and there were none to be had – gone for the season. So subscriptions are the way to go and here are some of my favorite picks.

Garden Design: $45/4 issues. (855) 624-5110, An ad-free coffee-table mag that takes you into up-scale, often cutting edge, private gardens from around the country. Not a lot of how-to, but focuses more on plant picks and design advice. Regional tips and beautiful photography, what more can you ask?

Fine Gardening: $29.95/6 issues. (800) 888-8286 or go to Geared to avid gardeners and inspired beginners, it’s a must read for those who take their gardening seriously. I love the pronunciation guide for featured plants.

The American Gardener: $35/6 issues. (800) 777-7931, Subscription includes membership in the American Horticulture Society. Geared toward the environmentally caring gardener, it’s a must read by the East Coast gardenistas. Other bennies includes free admission or discounts to many public gardens.

Country Gardens: $19.97/4 issues. (800) 677-0484. A 10 when it comes to inspiration – this award winning mag is a touch of heaven on a cold gray day in February. How-to, what’s new, garden crafts and cool gardens, there’s something here for everyone.

Garden Gate: $20/6 issues. (800) 978-9631, A good choice for Yardeners, new gardeners and experienced green thumbers who enjoy DIY projects. Contains no advertising to distract the reader.

Michigan Gardening Magazine: $19.95/6 issues. (888) 265-3600, This general gardening magazine is filled with features written by a gang of talented Michigan and Midwest gardeners who love to dig in the dirt.

Mother Earth News: $12/6 issues. (800) 234-3368, A green guide to country living, including articles on gardening, but you needn’t live in a yurt or have a place in the country to enjoy it.

The Michigan Gardener: $14/6 issues. Call (248) 594-5563 or go to Distributed free to most garden centers in the metro Detroit area, MG features articles written by local experts. A map showing locations of great garden centers in southeastern Michigan is priceless for plant geeks who love the thrill of the hunt.

Nancy Szerlag is a master gardener and Metro Detroit freelance writer. Her column appears Fridays in Homestyle. To ask her a question go to and click on Ask Nancy. You can also read her previous columns at detroitnewscom/homestyle.

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