Solutions: Designers to share their tips at home show


When the Novi Home Show arrives next week from Jan. 27-29, one of the highlights will be a series of seminars by American Society of Interior Designers or ASID members, including Interior Design 101 with Dwane Adle, ASID AIA, a licensed architect and interior designer who owns Royal Oak-based Comprehensive Design Group.

In addition, their members will be available for advice on design dilemmas at the ASID Michigan booth and they will have rooms on display like a funky tween space created by Adle. Their seminars will last for about an hour, including time for Q&A.

During his presentation, Adle hopes to show others how to handle projects on their own and how to work with an interior designer.

He’ll also try to dispel some myths like the idea that everything in a room should match or you have to do everything in a month. “You can budget and stage your home over a couple of years,” he says.

Adle will share ways to stretch your budget without sacrificing the look you’re after. For instance, he says you can begin with the basics and fill in the gaps over time with accessories, area rugs and other accents.

But first, he says it’s important to find your style by creating an image board. “Cut out pictures from magazines,” says Adle. “It could be a mountain view, a brick wall or your favorite pair of blue jeans that inspires you.”

The fact that you’re drawn to a pair of comfortable blue jeans instead of a tuxedo with a bow tie may guide you toward a more casual home environment.

Measuring is essential and sketching your room on graph paper can be a great tool, he says.

You’ll also want to create your project wish list, which might include everything from new kitchen countertops, patio furniture and a garage floor to having your master bedroom redone.

Your job is to prioritize the list and create a realistic schedule. “You can’t get everything done in 30 days,” says Adle. “Some furniture takes 12 weeks to be delivered and a good kitchen remodel takes time.”

Specific costs are another consideration. “If you have $4,000 to spend on a sofa and you find one for $6,000 that you can’t live without, something has to adjust,” he says. “You either have to come up with more money or cut somewhere else. It’s not just about creating your budget, but watching and monitoring it too.”

Adle will share designer tips like the 10 percent rule which means that 10 percent of the room can have nothing to do with the space, like a gilded mirror in a contemporary setting.

“Add something quirky. Have fun,” he says.

“Don’t forget to add your touch. It’s your space. You don’t want it to look like it came out of a magazine ad,” says Adle. “When someone walks in, make sure they’re not going to see the designer or the catalogs, they’re going to see you.”

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Jeanine Matlow is a Metro Detroit interior decorator turned freelance writer specializing in stories about interior design. You can reach her at