Plumber: Stone sink naturally brings up questions

Ed Del Grande
Tribune News Service

Dear Ed: We’re planning to remodel our powder room and missed your column on natural stone vessel-type sinks. Can you please revisit your thoughts on stone sinks? Also, what other types of natural vessel sinks have you seen?

— Vanessa, North Carolina

Dear Vanessa: My articles on bathroom sinks generate a lot of questions. So, here’s some rock-hard reasons why I like stone vessel sinks.

First, since it is a natural product, exact colors and patterns can be one of a kind.

Also, with a beautiful stone vessel sink, the sink itself can be the design centerpiece for the room.

Finally, natural stone sinks can bring an outdoor feel to the inside of any bathroom.

As for other types of natural sinks I have seen, I once worked on a big clam shell cabana sink and a carved wooden log kitchen sink.

While stone vessel sinks are widely installed and accepted, other non-standard types of natural sinks may need to be customized to meet local codes, or else your natural sink plans could be sunk.

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