Dear Ed: I really enjoy learning about new products from your column, and I just heard that some toilet seats now have built-in air fresheners. How do they work, and will they fit on existing toilets?

— Don, Minnesota

Dear Don: If you’re looking to control bathroom odors with a little high-tech ingenuity, new toilet seats with built-in air fresheners are now available.

First, they do fit most toilets. Just make sure to order an elongated or round front seat, depending on the type of toilet you have. These battery-operated deodorizing seats use tiny intake fans and carbon filters to help trap odors. Plus, an integrated air freshener with replaceable aroma pack cartridges adds a pleasant scent to the area. These special toilet seats can even include extra features like programmable night lights, anti-slip seats and slow closing lids.

Also, different types of aroma packs are available, so installing a deodorizing toilet seat can really make a lot of good scents.

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