Tips: 5 household changes to cut your carbon footprint

Michelle Guerrere

There are things we do each day that may be hurting the environment in a big way, Real Simple reports. Read on to see some everyday activities that unknowingly increase your carbon footprint.

Tossing used coffee pods: The number 7 plastic used in K-cups isn’t recycled at many plants, so the majority of cups end up in landfills, says Elizabeth Glazner, the editorial director of the nonprofit organization Plastic Pollution Coalition. Search for a plant that will take them or simply switch to a refillable pod.

Using body wash: Soap in liquid form takes five times more energy to produce than a bar.A study also found people use seven times more liquid soap than regular soap to wash their hands.

Running appliances during the day: It’s best to use your dishwasher or dryer at night when temps are lower so your air conditioner doesn’t have to work twice as hard.

Using plastic bags: Invest in reusable, dishwasher-safe glass storage containers to beat this habit.

Leaving your TV on all night: If you need some background noise to lull you to sleep, go into your TV settings and set a two-hour timer, or download a noise maker app like White Noise.