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Wallpapers from Brett Design pack serious punch

Laura Pearson
Chicago Tribune

Take one look at Brett Beldock’s dramatic wallpaper, and it’s no surprise to learn the New York-based interior designer has a background in fashion. In fact, an eye for color, texture, material and scale clearly informs all her work for Brett Design, from luxe seating, tables and casegoods to a line of custom rugs for Doris Leslie Blau.

“I was influenced by my early days designing knitwear,” Beldock told New York Cottages & Gardens magazine. “Fashion and interiors have become one these days.”

Back to that wallpaper: It holds our attention like a model sashaying down the runway, and that’s because each design packs a punch. Traditionally feminine motifs, such as English florals, feel more contemporary when printed at a larger scale on sophisticated-looking copper paper — or, as with one design featuring cascading tulips, in sepia tone. (It’s anything but antique looking.) Another style, Flower Wash, makes an impact with negative space. Much of this wallpaper design is plain white, except for bursts of painterly abstract blooms.

Ombre feels a bit played-out in fashion and hairstyles, but as wallpaper, it remains mesmerizing. Beldock’s ombre papers are subtle and calming.

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