Three items to add to your home this summer

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Let’s not pretend we redecorate our homes seasonally.

As much as we aspire to Martha Stewart-level endeavors in our home, we’re not ones to swap out our heavy winter curtains for breezy linen ones or completely overhaul our pillow collection every four months. In this time-poor era, we’re lucky to find a few minutes to decorate at all.

But that doesn’t mean we don’t care what our homes look like — the changes simply need to be quick and easy so we can get on with our looming to-do lists, meal prep and Instagram scrolling.

But what if we could make our home feel like summer with just three items? If you’re looking to keep it tight this season with your home upgrades, we found the secret recipe that will make any home feel like a breezy beach house: Just add a graphic low-pile rug, a colorful accent table and a touch of rattan.

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