While many of us want a home that reflects our personalities, sometimes it takes an outside eye to take that concept and run with it, especially when it comes to special occasions.

Enter Alyce Riggs, a Waterford-based lifestyle consultant and owner of Alyce Inspires. Her extensive retail background led her to become a wardrobe consultant before expanding to home decor. “I was starting to see their whole life existence,” says Riggs, who has done everything from holiday decorations and events to home staging for the past 12 years.

She seems to have inherited the creative gene. “My parents were good at entertaining, my mother kept a very beautiful home and my grandmother was an interior designer,” she says.

For events, she likes to create a themed environment that feels so fabulous, the clothes don’t matter anymore. “They’re living the lifestyle,” she says. “I make the whole home reflect the person and the party so they can relax and enjoy themselves and their environment.”

A recent bridal shower with a 1950s theme was based on the beauty of the era with vintage china, organza aprons, eyeglasses, gloves and party purses. Pink champagne and games and music from that time added to the nostalgic atmosphere.

Guests arrived in ’50s garb. “People can host within their own home and give people that experience,” says Riggs, who specializes in events with less than 50 in attendance. “As you age, you want to have that quirky, fun party.”

Her decorative elements get everyone talking. “Once they gather around, people tend to not want to leave the table. It’s the table that brings them together,” she adds.

Riggs is also known for her handmade outdoor seasonal creations that stop people in their tracks.

Still, it doesn’t have to be a special occasion for her to spruce up a home. For a client who doesn’t use her dining room often, Riggs arranged it library-style with stacks of books and pieces of pottery on the table with benches below. Now it looks like part of the decor instead of a lone table and chairs.

Riggs also does a lot of floral work for clients. She likes to create a look that goes with the ebb and flow of the house. Rather than be a focal point, she says the flowers should simply enhance the surroundings.

Up next, a child’s birthday party with a tulle theme. As her husband says, their house is never without glitter.

For those who want to create their own festive atmosphere, Riggs says today’s resources are vast. Ideas found on Pinterest can be carried out with items from Hobby Lobby and dollar stores.

“My joy is seeing people love their life and the beauty that surrounds them,” says Riggs. “Make that party feel like it’s yours. I use their china, silverware, napkins, whatever they love.”

She has the same philosophy whether she’s dressing someone or preparing an event, “Use the beautiful things you collected and cherish. Their purpose is to bring you joy.”

For information, call Alyce Riggs at (248) 632-3356.

Jeanine Matlow is a Metro Detroit interior decorator turned freelance writer specializing in stories about interior design. You can reach her at

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