Hi Ed: I’m replacing my kitchen sink and would like a special kitchen faucet to fit the sink I have chosen. This request may sound strange, but I’d like to get a single-hole kitchen faucet with double-handle separate hot and cold water controls. Do they even make kitchen faucets like this? Any info is helpful.

— Linda, Iowa

Dear Linda: First, with most kitchen sinks you can usually special order the sink with the exact number of faucet holes you may need. So, don’t feel like your faucet choices are limited until you check with your plumbing supply house about sink availability.

Now to the info on single-hole kitchen faucets with two-handle flow controls. Yes, I have worked with these types of single-hole kitchen faucets. With this type of faucet, hot and cold handles are mounted above the sink on the body of the faucet instead of on the kitchen sink deck. Because of the one-hole installation, usually single-hole kitchen faucets have a single-handle lever control. That can lead to confusion about the availability of double-handle models.

Finally, the double-handle models do allow for swinging gooseneck spouts, but keep in mind these high-arch models can also be high-end faucets.

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