Solutions: Make work space feel inspiring, luxurious

Jeanine Matlow
Special to The Detroit News

An office environment should be inspiring, whether it’s in your home or another location. This philosophy resonates with Renee

Deming, graphic designer and founder/owner of Pastel, a serene co-working space in Plymouth that’s geared toward women.

Deming set out to create a space that embraces work/life balance. “Women are constantly juggling priorities between work and home,” says the talented entrepreneur who tackled the interiors on her own.

“I didn’t want it to be your typical beige boring office space,” says Deming, who also didn’t want anything too colorful.

To set the tone, the walls of the luxurious loft-style space wear Sherwin-Williams Dreamy White, a paint color

Deming describes as “barely pink” that warms the space and makes it feel homey.

Vinyl floors that resemble wood are more welcoming than cement. “It feels less like an office and more like a home,” she says. “There are posters on the walls and lots of plants and we even have a styled bookshelf.”

Ergonomic chairs in white leather and vinyl feature a slim profile that’s aesthetically pleasing.

Other styles include stackable chairs with rose gold legs that lend warmth to the space.

Copper and rose gold accents symbolize “the fire within” that motivates

Deming, along with some of her favorite quotes about passion and other positive messages that are on display, like a poster that says: Good vibes only.

A pair of lounge chairs in the entryway leaves a lasting impression. “When you enter the space, the first thing you see is comfortable seating as opposed to office seating,” says Deming.

She chose the pale blue-green tufted velvet as a complementary color to the copper accents throughout. “It’s the color copper turns when it’s tarnished,” she says.

The lush upholstery is like a special treat. “It almost feels like you’re being spoiled,” says Deming. “It’s great for a home office. If you’re going to spend all day there, you want to feel really good in the space.”

A faux marble countertop adds another touch of luxury without the high price. Tech-friendly conference tables have pop-up outlets on the surface and a hollow leg to hide the wires.

Despite plenty of natural light, unique fixtures add visual interest.

While Deming knows a lot of people shy away from white because they’re afraid it will get dirty, she invests in quality pieces that are durable. “The lightness of it really makes such a difference,” she says.

When working from home, Deming says your office should be functional and attractive. “If you don’t like your space, you’ll just end up working at the kitchen table or on the couch and your office will become a place to pile stuff,” she says.

For those with a small budget, she suggests splurging on your desk chair and making the space your own with a few special touches. “Make sure the design reflects something personal, like your favorite quote or thing to do,”

Deming says.

Jeanine Matlow is a Metro Detroit interior decorator turned freelance writer specializing in stories about interior design. You can reach her at