If you plan to entertain outdoors this summer, you need to figure out a way to light things up. If electrical outlets are available outside, you can simply string lights across the decks, and solar lights are available on stakes that you can pound into the yard. But if you want to save electricity (and money) try flameless candles.

Flameless candles come in all sizes and create subtle lighting that can go from edgy to romantic. By far, the cheapest choice is a tea light. I like to place tons of little flameless tea lights all around. These mini luminaries are easily concealed inside little boxes. Simply die cut small 3-D cubes or disassemble a small box, trace around it and hand cut lots of paper cubes.

Enlist the help of your kids to decorate (they will love pointing out their handiwork to all your guests), and cut a circle out of one side of each cube with a round punch. Line the circular hole with vellum to allow the light to shine through. It’s easy to hang these little lights in tree branches throughout the yard by simply punching a small hole in the lid of the box and threading a loop of ribbon or cord through the hole before dropping the tea light inside.

Many flameless tea lights also come with a remote control to turn the lights on and off which means you can hang these little lighted cubes everywhere…even branches that require a ladder to reach.

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