Hobbies: Resist painting: the big reveal

Kimberly Stoney
FamilyFun magazine

Resist painting teaches kids about the world of multimedia art with wow-worthy results. They won’t stop at one!

The setup

You will need painter’s tape, watercolor paper, crayons and/or stickers, a paintbrush and watercolor paints.

The project

Tape the paper to a flat surface (this will keep it from curling as it dries). Have your child create a design with the crayons and/or stickers, pressing the edges firmly. Then have her paint over the whole thing in watercolor. Let dry, then remove the stickers and painter’s tape. Not only will she have fun creating art with more than one medium, she’ll also learn about the concept of negative space — seeing the bright white shapes left behind is always a thrill!

Bonus fun

What else around the house would work? Have your child experiment with crayon-like items (oil pastels, a stick of lip balm), sticky things (adhesive vinyl or other tapes) or anything else she thinks might repel watercolor (rubber cement, petroleum jelly).

The spark

Cultures worldwide have been using resist techniques since the days of the ancient Egyptians. They dipped cloth in wax, scratched out designs and dyed it to reveal the patterns. (Then they used it to wrap their mummies!)