Design Recipes: 10 items to have before next big storm

Cathy Hobbs
Tribune News Service

So often the focus when it comes to storms is on winter and the impact of snowstorms.

But for millions of Americans, a summer storm can be just as devastating. As we approach summer storm season, here are some home preparation items to help make you and your home storm-ready.

Generator: Whether it’s portable or a more expensive standby generator, having this backup power system can make the difference between being in the dark and having necessities such as lights.

Flashlights: Whether you need them for indoor or outdoor use, having a working flashlight is a necessity.

Power tools: Having a quality and full set of tools on hand will help you to be able to make any preparation easier.

Storm door: While it may not keep the elements out in the case of severe situations such as hurricanes, it can certainly help with protection.

Plywood: Plywood is key in the case of needing to protect potential window and door damage.

Chainsaw: Depending on if you sustain potential tree damage, a chainsaw may be necessary.

Tarps: Tarps may be needed to help protect outdoor objects and equipment from being damaged.

Batteries: Batteries are needed in a variety of instances and are especially critical during power loss.

Broom: A broom may be needed for post-storm cleanup.

Food essentials: Having sufficient food on hand, especially canned goods and bottled water, are always welcomed items to have and keep on hand.