I admit it — I am in love with boxes. My current obsession is a box that I can decorate to look like food. Thing is, boxes come in all shapes and sizes and, because they can be created with paper, you can make them yourself.

The easiest place to start is with a box die cut. There are lots from which to choose, including ones that are shaped to mimic the look of strawberries, lemon slices and wedges of watermelon. Of course, with different embellishments, the melon can become a slice of pie, strawberries transform into raspberries and the lemon can easily convert to a lime, a kiwi or an apple.

If die cutting is not an option, simply recycle a box that came to you with a gift inside. Find the tab that holds the box together and open it up to disassemble the box, which then becomes a pattern for you to hand cut your own box. Even a square or rectangular box can transform into an ice cream bar, an artichoke or a birthday cake.

Believe it or not, this has actually become a big time saver. I almost never wrap a gift with paper, tissue and ribbon anymore. Because it’s faster to make two or three of the same design at once, I make a veritable cornucopia of food boxes to keep on hand for gift giving. Once you have created a delicious looking box, your work is done … no need to wrap a present — just slide that scarf into the watermelon box, handwrite a card that says your friend is one in a melon, and you are good to go.

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