Tips: Buy this art, based on your personality

Gabrielle Savoie

Tell me who you are, and I will tell you what art to buy. People often get nervous when buying art: “Will it match my decor? Will I like it over time? Is this an artist worth investing in?” We say: Throw all those questions out the window — it’s time to focus on your personality instead.

Today, we’re playing curator by dissecting 11 personality types and making art recommendations based on your tastes and interests.

The Minimalist: If you’re a minimalist at heart, chances are you don’t want a busy colorful painting to take over your carefully edited space. Instead, pick monochrome pieces with texture or graphic interest.

The Shutterbug: If you enjoy snapping away on vacation or even around your city, we’ll make it easy for you. Have your own photography blown up and framed, or collect the photography of other artists. For a more edited look, print your work in black and white.

The Nature Lover: If you like the outdoors, you’ll love staring at beautiful nature all day long even more. Take your pick of greenery from painted landscapes to stunning nature photography, and live your very own “Planet Earth.”

The Street Kid: Channel the cool kid in you, and give your home an urban edge. If you love all things street art, skateboarding and alternative music, you’re in luck. Tons of photographers these days are snapping candid shots of cool kids everywhere, and street art is having a revival.

The Comedian: If people praise your sharp sense of humor, transfer this over to your walls with some humorous and quirky art. Choose an artist who specializes in irony, or print your own memorable quote. You’ll never be short of things to talk about when having people over.

The Graphic Designer: If you’re a graphic designer or an architect, you probably love clean graphic lines. Transfer this onto your walls with a series of graphic prints. Color-coordinate artwork with your decor, or run wild with bright eclectic prints.

The Sartorialist: From Anna Wintour to Kate Moss, you live and breathe fashion. Fashion photography is what you need on your walls.

The Explorer: You often dream of faraway places, and always have a passport in your purse. Collect photographic souvenirs, and cover your walls with photography from past trips or from trips you’re hoping to take.

The Collector: In every aspect of your life, you’re a collector. You know what you love, but you’re also smart about your purchases, and you want to invest in pieces that will increase in value over time. Do your research, and invest in promising up-and-coming artists. Just don’t forget to love what you buy.

The Beach Bum: You escape to the beach every chance you get, and you live and breathe salty air. Your art pick is clear: You need to adorn your home with coastal prints so you always have a piece of the beach with you.

The Traditionalist: You’re a traditionalist as far as decor goes, and you might be reticent to add more contemporary art in your decor, but that’s exactly what you should try to embrace. Classic decor comes to life when mixed with bold modern art.