Solutions: Fall perfect time to change up your bedding

Jeanine Matlow
Special to The Detroit News

As the weather makes its annual move to cooler temps, it’s an ideal time to update your bedding. Some may crave an entirely new look and feel, while others simply choose to review one or two current pieces.

“A lot of people have the change of seasons in the forefront of their minds,” says Danielle Schindler, owner of Scandia Home in Birmingham, a luxury European-style bedding and home store with an emphasis on service and design. “Winter is coming and a lot of them look to winterize their bed when the cooler weather comes.”

First, she says you should evaluate your needs and wants. “You might add a blanket or get a warmer comforter to add or switch out seasonally,” says Schindler. “For your bed, you can add styling and décor that’s also functional, so it’s two-in-one.”

One key piece may be all you need for the season. “You can never go wrong with a good cotton blanket that’s woven well and soft, breathable and comfortable,” she says. “They’re popular for good reason. It just works.”

Many of the newer styles have a wool component to them, but they’re lightweight and warm and most are washable, too.

Another popular option is a classic down comforter. As Schindler explains, the natural material acts as a thermostat that helps regulate your body temperature.

For those with allergies, her store also carries down-like comforters.

Proper care for your comforter is essential. If wet wash is recommended by the manufacturer, Schindler says that’s the best way to go. It helps to have a trusted professional source with an industrial washing machine.

Flannel sheets are another way to add an extra layer of warmth during the cooler seasons. For these, Schindler recommends high quality varieties that won’t pill. You can also get cozy with cotton sheets with a percale weave. Just don’t go too high on the thread count if you tend to overheat during the night, she says.

Pillows may be a consideration come fall and wintertime.

Down varieties can be downright dreamy for those who have a hard time finding the right fit for a good night’s sleep. “We let customers try them because it’s so difficult to find out what feels comfortable if you can’t try it out first,” Schindler says.

A pillow protector can help extend the life of your pillow, while a good mattress pad helps protect your mattress and adds cushy warmth.

So, for that last layer of luxury, all it takes is a few special elements for people or pets. “Faux fur is easy and fun and it feels amazing,” says Schindler. “Dogs love (it) ... Add a throw and a couple of pillows and all of a sudden your bed is cozy and ready for the cooler weather.”

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