Plumber: Looking into a glass sink

Ed Del Grande
Tribune News Service

Dear Ed: I’m planning a very special guest bathroom (powder room) for our home. Since it is a small space, I want it to appear open and bright. I’m looking to install a glass sink with backlighting. Can you give me some of your famous Ed tips for choosing a glass sink?

— Kim, Illinois

Dear Kim: With a quality glass sink, you can add artistic shape, strength, color and texture to any bathroom. But, with all the glass sink choices out there it can get a little confusing.

So, first decide on the style of glass sink that will best fit your bathroom.

Three popular choices are: Vessel/above counter sinks, countertop/drop-in sinks and under-mounted glass sinks.

Once you decide on the style, then see what type of glass is available, and choose the glass-type you want for your sink. Cast glass can be thick and heavy; spun glass can look hand-crafted and pressed glass can be found in a wide variety of shapes and sizes.

Finally, choose your desired color, or in some cases you may find that no color at all can be your clear choice.

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