Those photos from that amazing trip you took deserve a better showcase than your smartphone.

Immortalize the cream of your camera’s crop by printing it on canvas and hanging it on a wall. Or put that shot of the mountains at golden hour on the cover of a throw pillow. Too hard to narrow down which vacay pics to preserve? Turn them into a series of magnets or make a canvas collage.

The Las Vegas-based company CanvasPop can do the crafty part for you. Just choose which format you want on their website and send your smartphone or Instagram shots. The company will design it and give you a free digital proof, so you know what the finished product will look like before you buy.

I can vouch for the quality; my sister recently had her 12-year-old’s panorama of a Wisconsin lake printed on canvas, and it looks great.

Canvas prices vary, depending on size and other specifications. Nine 2-by-2-inch magnets cost $30 (hello, stocking stuffers), and the 18-by-18-inch photo pillows — a new product — go for $39;

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