Plumber: Rain showerheads awash with new features

Ed Del Grande
Tribune News Service

Dear Ed: I want a rain-style showerhead and would like a little guidance from America’s favorite plumber! What new features should I look for in a rain-style head?

— Pat, Ohio

Dear Pat: Rain-style showers are flooding the market, thanks to new water-saving technology and fancy features.

Here’s three of my favorite rain style shower systems:

1. Wireless speaker rain shower. These rain heads actually include a portable wireless speaker that lets you take a shower with your favorite music.

2. Water tile panels. These overhead showers are flush with the ceiling and built into an ambient lighted panel. Rain washes you while colorful lights sooth you.

3. Rainstorm showers. These rain-style systems store water in a hidden reservoir and can produce a burst of warm summer rain to wash away your winter blues.

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