Dear Ed: I’m happy with my original kitchen, except the faucet needs to be replaced. Since we only need a new faucet, I want to do things right for my mini kitchen upgrade. I don’t plan on any other kitchen work. So, what high-end plumbing features should I include in my kitchen faucet to keep me up to date for years to come?

— Sally, Rhode Island

Dear Sally: High-end technology is currently the new trend with plumbing fixtures. Smart toilets, showerheads with wireless speakers and electronic mixing valves are just some of the new innovations.

For the kitchen, I like the new touchless kitchen faucets. A touchless kitchen faucet allows you to turn the faucet on and off electronically without touching the handle. This can help you maintain a cleaner environment while preparing food.

Touchless kitchen faucets now include popular faucet options like pullout spray heads, single-handle mixing valves and high-arch spouts.

Bottom line: If you want a faucet for the future, hands down a touchless kitchen faucet can be a good choice.

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