Homes can have a scent. Sometimes the scent is intentional. In other instances, scents can attract or repel. Appealing to the senses can be something easily achieved, especially for those looking to do so in a natural or organic way.

Looking for ways to infuse scents into your home? Here are some top Design Recipes tips.

1.Consider herbs. From sage to lavender, herbs can provide a fragrant and appealing scent.

2.Look for pure natural oils. Pure scents are the most powerful.

3. Head to the health food store. Typically health food stores have aisles full of natural, appealing scents.

4.Open a window. A home needs to be aired out on a regular basis.

5.Add greenery. Plants and trees are not only attractive, they also can help to improve the air quality and oxygen.

6.Go organic and natural. Chemically enhanced plug-ins and fresheners seldom emit a natural scent.

7.Consider fruits. Fruits such as fresh lemons and limes can help to infuse fresh, crisp, citrus scents.

8.Purchase a diffuser. These popular items for the home can help spread fragrance.

9. Burn a soy candle. Candles that are natural help provide scent in a nontoxic way.

10. Deep clean. Deep cleaning your home with a natural cleaning solution such as baking soda, lemons and borax can help clean your home with a fresh, natural scent.

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