Candle Wick Shoppe owners celebrate 10 years

Ferndale’s Candle Wick Shoppe is more than a retail store; it’s a place where people come together, say owners Jacki Smith, Patty Shaw and Anthony Phoenix. The trio bought the shop from its previous owners in 2008 and this year will celebrate 10 years in downtown Ferndale. “The Candle Wick Shoppe is where many communities come together. That strength is reflected in the customers, staff and owners,” says Phoenix in a press release. Located on 9 Mile, the shop has become a place where the owners can also offer Reiki healing workshops, spiritual readers and tarot readings. “Providing a place to relax, heal and grow is very important to us and is part of our identity,” said Shaw. Smith and Shaw, who are sisters, have been making candles for a long time. They are also the owners of Coventry Creations, a 25-year-old candle making company that has been in Ferndale since 2004. Go to

Cranbrook highlights its art, architecture and design

Cranbrook Academy of Art in Bloomfield Hills presents its 2018 (Spring) Lecture Series that highlights their departments of art, architecture and design. Odili Donald Odita, an abstract painter whose work explores color in different ways, will appear at 4 p.m. on Saturday. According to a press release, here are some snippets of what Odita has said, “Color in itself has the possibility of mirroring the complexity of the world as much as it has the potential for being distinct. The colors I use are personal: they reflect the collection of visions from my travels locally and globally. In my process, I cannot make a color twice — it can only appear to be the same. This aspect is important to me as it highlights the specificity of differences that exist in the world of people and things.” Cranbrook Academy of Art is at 39221 Woodward. For information on other lectures in the series and admission, go to

Roll out the royal treatment for the Super Bowl

If you plan to host a Super Bowl party this weekend, it helps to have a big TV. Another way to let your guests know you’re in the game is by rolling out the green carpet for them in honor of the annual celebration filled with comfort snacks and loud cheers. This Football Field Floor Runner that sells for $6.99 at Party City makes a great first impression for devoted fans throughout the season. For information, go to

Open your heart and home for Valentine’s Day

Show your home a little love this month and beyond with the Luxe Valentine’s Day Throw Pillow and Throw Blanket Collection from Target that adds a touch of sweetness to your surroundings. The selections include pink, silver and gold tones along with luxurious textures and metallic details that create a cozy atmosphere in your home. Each piece is reasonably priced at $19.99. For information, go to

Pivot to swivel chairs to solve design dilemmas

Often favored by interior designers, swivel chairs solve many dilemmas. For starters, there’s no need to choose between the fireplace and the TV when you can easily turn to face one or the other. Their flexibility also makes them great for entertaining. Pair two or more in a living space that opens to the kitchen so no one feels left out of the conversation. Another bonus is their low profile, like this Giles Upholstered 28-inch Swivel Chair in Antiquity Prestine from Arhaus (priced at $2,399 each), that won’t block the views from one space to the next. For information, go to

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